Sentence Examples with the word Restaurant

We dined at a small Mexican restaurant and spent the meal discussing general topics.

They've got a bunk in the back room of the restaurant where he washes dishes.

After a nice warm bath and a night's sleep, she stopped in the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast.

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The way he fussed over you at the restaurant and you two frolicking in the snow this morning like two lovers.

By 10:30 she had mailed the package and decided to stop at a little restaurant in the strip mall for something to eat.

Sometimes, but it's a long way to a restaurant and a lot of hassle to go.

All the same, Saturday found her at a restaurant in Bartlesville, where she was supposed to meet her prospective employer.

He led her to the restaurant and they took a table, ordering supper and exchanging stories.

Yet, just like the Italian restaurant search, it will be approachable through the aggregate life experiences of everybody on the planet.

At six o'clock we pulled off the highway and found a family style restaurant in a small Maryland town.