Sentence Examples with the word Rest

Moreover, all Mr. Henderson's Labour colleagues in the Government opposed his views; and on Mr. Lloyd George expressing the surprise of the rest of the War Cabinet at his action and their dissent from his policy he resigned and was succeeded by Mr. George Barnes.

He cursed his inability to communicate with the rest of humanity and considered driving directly to town to seek help, but thoughts of a person trapped in the twisted wreckage, prompted him to strain his eyes in the gathering darkness and search the abyss below.

The result was that they were condemned to death, but were only imprisoned for the rest of their days in the Tower, where they both carved inscriptions on the walls of their dungeon, which are still visible in the Beauchamp tower.

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The priests are to possess neither wealth nor material power; they are not to command, but to counsel; their authorityisto rest on persuasion, not on force.

On the other hand, he declares that the American rodstart, Muscicapa, or, as it now stands, Setophaga ruticilla, when young, has its vocal organs like the rest - an extraordinary statement which is worthy the attention of the many able American ornithologists.

Hence the demon is laid to rest by burning the serpent-image with due funereal rites.

He retired to rest with anxious thoughts of his future career, which haunted him through the night in three dreams that left a deep impression on his mind.

Thou didst expire in the ardour of her embraces, nor did she leave Thee when dead, 0 Lord Jesus, for she allowed not Thy body to rest elsewhere than in a borrowed grave.

Zoospores are of two kinds: (I) Those which come to rest and germinate to form a new plant; these are asexual and are zoospores proper.

All these rest upon the facts of mathematical geography, and the three are so closely inter-related that they cannot be rigidly separated in any discussion.