Sentence Examples with the word Resisted

He resisted the urge to burn them, in case the brittle papers held more secrets he needed.

Graves, the inspector of the English telegraph line from Jask eastwards, was brutally murdered by Baluchis, and the agents of the Persian government sent to seize the murderers were resisted by the tribes.

De Lesseps, and resisted by Palmerston with all the weight he could bring to bear against it.

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He prayed fervently against his idleness; he determined, as often as he received the sacrament, that he would no longer doze away and trifle away his time; but the spell under which he lay resisted prayer and sacrament.

In January 1799 the French under Championnet reached Naples, but the lazzaroni, ill-armed and ill-disciplined French in as they were, resisted the enemy with desperate courage, and it was not until the 20th that the invaders were masters of the city.

He refused to identify Social Democracy with the extreme views as to religion and the family advocated by Bebel, and successfully resisted attempts made in 1891 to expel him from the party in consequence of his opinions.

It is also resisted in part by the conicity of the wheels, which converts the lateral force partly into a vertical force, thus enabling gravity to exert a.

Megan resisted the urge to cringe.

This was the principal outcome of Mason's persistent efforts to establish his rights to the land; for although he succeeded in procuring the appointment of officers who supported his claims, and although decrees were issued in his favour, the tenants, who contended that they had profited nothing from what his grandfather had done or that they were on lands which Wheelwright had bought from the Indians, resisted the enforcement of those decrees.

Gabe resisted the urge to behead the Immortal.