Sentence Examples with the word Residing

FEAST OF TABERNACLES, the autumn festival of the Israelites, beginning on the 15th of Tishri and celebrated by residing for the seven succeeding days in rustic booths (Heb.

All native or naturalized citizens of the United States residing in Rhode z The populations in other census years were: (1790) 68,825;: (1800) 69,122; (1810) 76,931; (1820) 83,059; (1830) 97,199; (1840) 108,830; (1850) 147,545; (1860) 174,620; (1870) 217,353.

All citizens of the United States residing in Vermont are citizens of the state.

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The bulk of the other foreigners residing in the country belonged to countries lying contiguous, such as Austria, which claimed nearly the half, Russia and Italy.

This can hardly have occurred during the 11th century, when we find the giudici of Torres or Logudoro residing either at Porto Torres or at Ardara; but it must have occurred before 1217, when a body of Corsicans, driven out of their island by the cruelties of a Visconti of Pisa, took refuge at Sassari, and gave their name to a part of the town.

By vigorous military operations and by obliging all the non- General combatants who sympathized with the rebels in Weykrs arms to elect between joining them in the bush, CampaAgn La Manigua, or residing within the Spanish lines.

First a preliminary record is made a short time before the night in question, of the persons ordinarily residing in each house.

In addition to the nine distinct missions (300 workers) in Siberia and the six (with 50 workers) in European Russia, the Orthodox Church (Russian) has three foreign missions: (1) in China, founded at Pekin 1714, in the face of Jesuit opposition; (2) in Japan, established about 1863 by Bishop Nicolai, a chaplain at Nagasaki; (3) in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, the bishop residing 1 See E.

While residing here he captivated and seduced the beautiful daughter of the prince, Philippa, sister of the empress Maria.

Watermeyer, a Cape colonist of Dutch descent residing in Cape Town.