Sentence Examples with the word Repaid

The new empress repaid her brothers by making them consuls and prefects, and used her large influence at court to protect pagans and Jews.

At the end of their day, the loan is repaid with a slight bit of interest.

The latter spared him, and this magnanimity Bonaparte subsequently repaid by death.

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He might borrow from it but repaid like other borrowers.

From the head of Glen Derry, with its blasted trees, the picture of desolation, it becomes more toilsome, but is partly repaid by the view of the remarkable columnar cliffs of Corrie Etchachan.

Boccaccio carried his admiration for Petrarch to the point of worship, Petrarch repaid him with sympathy, counsel in literary studies, and moral support which helped to elevate and purify the younger poet's oversensuous nature.

Then, when religious persecution drove many of the industrial population of the west of Europe away from the homes of their birth, they liberally repaid English hospitality by establishing their own arts in the country, and teaching them to the inhabitants.

This done, however, he took the field in 623, ani- repaid the Persians with interest.

Credit, if given, was treated as a debt, and secured as a loan by the seller to be repaid by the buyer, for which he gave a bond.

Their native foes had been crushed by British forces; their liabilities were consolidated into a debt to Great Britain, to be repaid at convenience and leisure - as a matter of fact, not even interest was paid for some time.