Sentence Examples with the word Rennes

When Rennes and Dinan were attacked by the duke of Lancaster in 1356, Du Guesclin fought continuously against the English, and at this time he engaged in a celebrated duel with Sir Thomas Canterbury.

He first made himself a name as a soldier at the tournament held at Rennes in 1338 to celebrate the marriage of Charles of Blois with Jeanne de Penthievre, at which he unseated the most famous competitors.

Placed under arrest with the Girondins, he escaped to Rennes where he drew up a pamphlet denouncing the constitution of 1793 under the curious title Le Dernier Crime de Lanjuinais (Rennes, 1793).

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In the Rennes basin limestones - often dolomitic - are associated with quartzites and conglomerates; silicious limestones also occur in the Sarthe region.

On the death of this general Descartes quitted the imperial service, and in July 1621 began a peaceful tour through Moravia, the borders of Poland, Pomerania, Brandenburg, Holstein and Friesland, from which he reappeared in February 1622 in Belgium, and betook himself directly to his father's home at Rennes in Brittany.

He fought with unremitting energy for his client during both the first and second revisions of the trial, in 1898 and 1899, a task attended with considerable danger, as political passions were so strongly excited at the time that Labori was shot at and wounded at Rennes on the eve of his cross-examination of the witnesses for the prosecution.

JEAN DENIS LANJUINAIS, Comte (1753-1827), French politician, was born at Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) on the 12th of March 1753.

At Rennes Descartes found little to interest him; and, after he had visited the maternal estate of which his father now put him in possession, he went to Paris, where he found the Rosicrucians the topic of the hour, and heard himself credited with partnership in their secrets.

This he left about 1567, and somewhat later we find him at Rennes as a councillor of the parlement of Brittany.

AUGUSTE HILARION KERATRY, COMTE DE (1769-1859), French writer and politician, was born at Rennes on the 28th of December 1769.