Sentence Examples with the word Renaissance

Many of them, however, are of considerable architectural importance and the revival of the Renaissance style is perhaps illustrated nowhere better than in Stuttgart.

The library, built for Domenico Malatesta in 1452 by Matteo Nuzio, is a fine early Renaissance building, and its internal arrangements, with the original desks to which the books are still chained, are especially well preserved (see J.

The Renaissance of Iceland dates from the beginning of the 17th century, when a school of antiquaries arose.

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The university of Paris had reached its zenith at the time of the council of Constance (1418), and was now losing its intellectual leadership under the attacks of the Renaissance and the Reformation.

Another of the leading architects of the next stage of the Renaissance was the Veronese Michele Sanmichele (1484-1559), a great military engineer, and designer of an immense number of magnificent palaces in Verona and other cities of Venetia.

In 1897 his five-act piece, Les Mauvais Bergers, was played at the Renaissance by Sarah Bernhardt, and he followed this up with Les Affaires sont les affaires (Theatre Francais, 1903), which was adapted by Sydney Grundy for Sir H.

Let's also remember that the Italian Renaissance was not just a flowering of the arts, but of commerce, technology, science, and trade.

It is a clumsy, though somewhat imposing edifice of sandstone in Italian Renaissance style, and has a dome rising, with the lantern, to a height of 380 ft.

Under him there was in fact a kind of early renaissance after centuries of barbarism and ignorance.

The two former are among the finest in the world, and are filled with masterpieces by Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Perugino, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, the Lippi, and many other Florentine, Umbrian, Venetian, Dutch and Flemish artists, as well as numerous admirable examples of antique, medieval and Renaissance sculpture.