Sentence Examples with the word Remembered

Perhaps best remembered by her liaison with Benjamin Constant between 1787 and 1796.

In England the younger Henry had built himself up a party among the more turbulent section of the baronage, who remembered with regret and longing the carnival of licence which their fathers had enjoyed under King Stephen.

It must, however, be remembered in Henry's favour, that the supporters of the princes, both in England and in the foreign provinces, were animated by resentment against the soundest features of the king's administration; and that, in the rebellion of 1173, he received from the English commons such hearty support that any further attempt to raise a rebellion in England was considered hopeless.

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I remembered passing through the small city on ski trips to Vermont during my college years.

Men of the calibre of KOyetsu KOrin, RitsuO, Kajikawa and Mitsutoshi must be rare in any age, and the epoch when they flourished is justly remembered with enthusiasm.

She'd gotten the sizes right and even remembered matching socks and lounging clothes.

Prince Vasili approached first, and she kissed the bold forehead that bent over her hand and answered his question by saying that, on the contrary, she remembered him quite well.

He will probably be longest remembered for his Biography of Robert Hall, which first appeared in the collected edition of Hall's works, was published separately in 1833, and has since passed through several editions.

It wasn't what bothered him about Jessi, though he remembered why he long ago took a vow never to let anyone close to him.

It must be remembered that nails spoil a wall sooner or later, whereas a wire trellis is not only much neater, but enables the gardener to tie his trees up much more quickly.