Sentence Examples with the word Religieux

On the French side the most valuable are Chronicles of Monstrelet and St Remy (both Burgundian) and the Chronique du religieux de S.

Girard, Le Sentiment religieux en Grece (1869); J.

But already from 1831, when he published his Discours sur quelques sujets religieux (Nouveaux discours, 1841), he had begun to exert a liberalizing and deepening influence on religious thought far beyond his own canton, by bringing traditional doctrine to the test of a living personal experience (see also Frommel, Gaston).

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Durand de Maillane, Dictionnaire du droit canonique (1761); Dictionnaire ecclesiastique et canonique, par une societ y de religieux (Paris, 1765); Z.

His French thesis for the doctorate of letters, Etude sur les pamphlets politiques et religieux de Milton (1848), showed that he was attracted towards foreign history, a study for which he soon qualified himself by mastering the Germanic and Scandinavian languages.