Sentence Examples with the word Released

He was consequently imprisoned, on the pretext of having fought a duel, and only released when selected to accompany Prince Henry of Prussia in a visit to Vauban's fortifications.

In Hesiod (Theogony, 264) they are the three sons of Uranus and Gaea - Brontes, Steropes and Arges, - storm-gods belonging to the family of the Titans, who furnished Zeus with thunder and lightning out of gratitude for his having released them from Tartarus.

In his fathers name he released Latimer and Lyons, dismissed the John of council of twelve, imprisoned Peter de la Mare, Gaunt resequestrated the temporalities of Bishop Wykeham, establishes and sent the earl of March out of the realm.

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But the two were caught and confined in Hades till Heracles came and released Theseus.

The 24th of November falling on a Sunday, his clerical duties threatened fatally to clash with his astronomical observations; he was, however, released just in time to witness the punctual verification of his forecast, and carefully noted the progress of the phenomenon during half an hour before sunset (3.15 to 3.45).

Thomas Howard, a politic mind, loyal to the powers that be, was released from the Tower of London in 1489, his earldom of Surrey and his Garter restored.

Rather than reply, he released a wave of power that knocked over guardsmen and trees alike.

He picked up the reins and released the break, addressing her father and the twins.

It was decided to check evictions by an Arrears Bill, and the three imprisoned members of parliament - Messrs Parnell, Dillon and O'Kelly - were released on the 2nd of May 1882, against the wishes of the Irish government.

Thrown into prison on a frivolous charge of friendliness to the royalists and England, he was released after the fall of Robespierre in the summer of 1794, and rose in the service until, in 1799, he became chief commissary to the French army serving under Massena in the north of Switzerland.