Sentence Examples with the word Reis

The milreis, 1000 reis of the par value of 4s.

In early works it is sometimes termed Cidade dos Reis (City of the Kings).

Experiments bearing on this subject were subsequently made by a great number of investigators.4 Page's discovery is of considerable importance in connexion with the theory of action of various forms of telephone, and was a very important feature in the early attempts by Reis to transit music and speech.

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The suggestion of Bourseul and the experiments of Reis are founded on the idea that a succession of currents, corresponding in number to the successive undulations of the pressure on the membrane of the transmitting instrument, could reproduce at the receiving station sounds of the same character as those produced at the sending station.

Neither of them seemed to recognize anything as important except pitch and amplitude, and Reis thought the amplitude was to some extent obtained by the varying length of contact in the transmitting instrument.

Considering the time at which he wrote, Reis seems to have understood very well the nature of the vibrations he had to reproduce, but he failed to comprehend how they could be reproduced by electricity.

The reis was the secretary-general of the divan, and in more modern times became minister for foreign affairs.

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Metallic money is limited to nickel and bronze coins, but in 1906 the government was authorized to purchase bar silver for the coinage of pieces of the denomination of two milreis, one milreis and 500 reis (2-milreis).

The power of the Ottomans at sea was maintained during this period by a series of notable captains, such as Khair-ed-din and his son Hassan, Piale, Torgud, Sali Reis and Pin Reis.