Sentence Examples with the word Rei

Thus in the 5th century, among the comites attached to the emperor's establishment, we find, e.g., the comes sacrarum largitionum and the comes rei privatae; while others, forming the council, were styled comites consistorii.

Elevation of thought and deep feeling, the Satyra de felice e infelice villa, and the death of his sister inspired his Tragedia de la rei g a Isabel; but he is best remembered by his Coplas del contempto del mundo in the Cancioneiro Geral.

It is probable that folkland is meant in two or three cases when Latin documents speak of terra rei publicae jure possessa.

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The only veritable and real unity in the world of existences is the individual; to assert that the universal exists separately ex parte rei would be to reduce individuals to mere accidents of one indivisible form.