Sentence Examples with the word Rehoboam

Io seq.) bears the same name as the one who advised Rehoboam to acquiesce in the disruption (1 Kings xii.

Sheshonk secured Thebes, making one of his sons high priest of Ammon, and whereas Solomon appears to have dealt with a king of Egypt on something like an equal footing, Sheshonk re-established Egyptian rule in Palestine and Nubia, and his expedition in the fifth year of Rehoboam subdued Israel as well as Judah, to judge by the list of city names which he inscribed on the wall of the temple of Karnak.

Here Rehoboam made the foolish speech which kindled the revolt of the N.

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When at length Solomon died the opportunity was at once seized to request from his son Rehoboam a more generous treatment.

ASA, in the Bible, son (or, perhaps, rather brother) of Abijah, the son of Rehoboam and king of Judah (I Kings xv.

The book of Chronicles enumerates several Judaean cities fortified by Rehoboam (not necessarily connected with Sheshonk's campaign), and characteristically regards the invasion as a punishment (2 Chron.

After the division of the kingdom the first year of Jeroboam in Israel coincides, of course, with the first year of Rehoboam in Judah; and after the death of Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah in battle with Jehu (2 Kings ix.

Shemaiah is the prophet who counselled Rehoboam to refrain from war (xii.