Sentence Examples with the word Regis

He was elected to represent Lyme Regis in Elizabeth's second parliament of 1563 as well as for Banbury, and preferred to sit for the former borough.

In1844-1846the French missionaries, Evariste Regis Huc and Joseph Gabet, made their way to Lhasa from China.

The popularity which Cartesianism thus gained in the social and literary circles of the capital was largely increased by the labours of Pierre-Sylvain Regis (1632-1707).

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At Paris and Leiden, are quite dissimilar from the Latin works attributed to Geber, and show few if any traces of the positive chemical knowledge, as of nitric acid (aqua dissolutiva or fortis) or of the mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids known as aqua regis or regia, that appears in the latter.

The court did not know how to adjudge because the wound was new, and then the defendant took issue and prayed the court that the maihem might be examined, on which a writ was sent to the sheriff to cause to come medicos chirurgieos de melioribus London, ad informandum dominum regem et curiam de his quae eis ex parte domini regis injungerentur (Year Book, 21 Hen.

Thus the court of king's bench (curia regis de banco) was founded, and the foundation of the court of common pleas was provided for in one of the articles of Magna Carta.

Persians and Arabs told the 1 Nativitas et victoriae Alexandri magni regis was the original title.

JEAN JACQUES REGIS DE CAMBACERES, duke of Parma (1753-1824), French statesman, was born at Montpellier on the 18th of October 1753.

This way was the parent of the court of exchequer (curia regis ad scaccarium).

A great part of it is derived from known sources, especially from Henry of Huntingdon, Jordan Fantosme, the Itinerarium regis Ricardi, or its French original, and a lost account, by Anselm the chaplain, of the captivity of Richard I.