Sentence Examples with the word Regarded

The whole district, from the water's edge to the loftiest mountain on the eastern boundary, may be regarded as almost unbroken forest.

Jackson in the meantime had learned that Calhoun as secretary of war had wished to censure him for his actions during the Seminole war in Florida in 1818, and henceforth he regarded the South Carolina statesman as his enemy.

His chief logical work, the treatise De sex principiis, was regarded with a reverence almost equal to that paid to Aristotle, and furnished matter for numerous commentators, amongst them Albertus Magnus.

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It may be said to have wholly supplanted its predecessor in popular favor, for the classic style that is to say, the Chinesehad now come to be regarded as the only erudite script.

Elizabeth rightly regarded the treaty of Westminster (January 16, 1756, whereby Great Britain and Prussia agreed to unite their forces to oppose the entry into, or the passage through, Germany of the troops of every foreign power) as utterly subversive of the previous conventions between Great Britain and Russia.

Organization and healing have been keenly inquired into, with results which seem to point the lesson that all methods of healing are to be regarded as extensions of the natural phenomena of growth.

Seven flous are regarded as equal to the French five-centime piece.

Pyrophosphoric acid, 'H' 4 P 2 0 7, is a tetrabasic acid which may be regarded as derived by eliminating a molecule of water between two molecules of ordinary phosphoric acid; its constitution may therefore be written (HO) 2 0P O PO(OH) 2.

Till recently the aye-aye was regarded as representing a family by itself - the Chiromyidae; but the discovery that it resembles the other lemurs of Madagascar in the structure of the inner ear, and thus differs from all other members of the group, has led to the conclusion that it is best classed as a subfamily (Chiromyidae) of the Lemuridae.

Phoronis has long been regarded as a possible ally of Rhabdopleura (see Pterobranchia); and Masterman (to) has attempted to demonstrate the existence in Actinotrocha of most of the structures which occur in the Pterobranchia.