Sentence Examples with the word Referring

We're trying to figure out what Darkyn is doing planting a shape-shifter demon on the mortal realm, Rhyn said, referring to the demon lord who wanted both their heads on pikes.

The first has been explained as referring to the gloom of her abode, or the blackness of the withered corn.

At first he little noticed these advances; but presently, upon my referring to his last night's hospitalities, he made out to ask me whether we were again to be bedfellows.

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We in Britain and America usually cite by the numbers of the book, the title and the paragraph, without referring to the initial words.

Into these we shall not enter, referring the reader to the Life of Faraday, by Dr Bence Jones.

This decision was communicated to the foreign churches, and seems to have been justified by referring to the self-mutilation of Origen and adducing objectionable doctrines which he was said to have promulgated.

The gradual accumulation of data referring to organic compounds brought in its train a revival of the discussion of atoms and molecules.

He knew me, said Natasha, referring to her favorite hound.

By art, I am referring to creative expressions that are still relevant to future generations, something people still will consume in fifty or one hundred years.

The interpretation of this dialogue which first suggests itself is that the prophet is referring to wickedness within the nation, which is to be punished by the Chaldaeans as a divine instrument; in the process, the tyranny of the instrument itself calls for punishment, which the prophet is bidden to await in patient fidelity.