Sentence Examples with the word Red Cross

Eight Red Cross ambulances, each with a doctor and attendant, were sent into the most malarious parts of the Campagna in 1900.

The Serbian and Bulgarian anthems were sung on the streets, collections were made in every village for the Balkan Red Cross funds, and when Austria-Hungary mobilized, protests were heard on every side against the bare possibility of war with Serbia, which to the Yugosla y s would be a veritable civil war.

Much is done in contending against malaria by the Italian Red Cross Society.

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During the Russo-Turkish War of 1878 he was a delegate of the Red Cross Society in charge of an ambulance train provided by Queen Olga of Wurttemberg.

He was put in charge of the Red Cross organization on the German front, and it fell to him to search for the corpse of the unfortunate Samsonov.

During the Russo-Japanese War he served in the Red Cross and in the Municipal Union for the organization of hospitals; he was left to take care of the Russian wounded after the battle of Moukden, and showed much dignity and efficiency in the performance of his arduous duties.

The eagle bears a red cross with a white medallion, containing the letters F.

In Russia nursing is mainly in the hands of the Red Cross Society, whose members are, however, trained in the hospital schools.

The Red Cross Society provides a certain amount of trained nursing, and next to it the bestorganized work is done by religious orders; but the nursing in the hospitals appears to be still in a neglected state.