Sentence Examples with the word Red

In some seasons the locusts, both red and brown, come in enormous swarms covering an area 5 m.

The air was filled with electricity and the battlefield a mix of red fog and purple lightening.

His gaze settled on the only piece of jewelry she owned, a red gem that matched his eyes on a strip of leather around her neck.

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A blue bronze, Na2W5015, forming dark blue cubes with a red reflex, is obtained by electrolysing fused sodium paratungstate; a purple-red variety, Na2W309, and a reddish yellow form result when sodium carbonate and sodium tungstate are heated respectively with tungsten trioxide and tinfoil.

Its most important branch is the Red Lake River, and both are navigable for vessels of light draught at high water.

The Old Red Sandstone is most fully manifest in the rocky or heather-clad ridges that run from the west of Kerry to central Waterford, rising to 3414 ft.

The first class exhibits black figures on a reddish background, the second red figures on a black ground.

In the middle of the market-place stands the old town hall, with red tower and cupola, known from its situation as the Mid Steeple, built by Tobias Bachup of Alloa (1708).

But foxes, skunks, weasels, musk-rats, rabbits, and grey and red squirrels are not uncommon.

Control the routes of the caravans, especially the route from Damascus to Egypt and the Red Sea.