Sentence Examples with the word Recited

The collector of the: Edda probably had the old poems recited to him in the 13th century, and where there was a break in the memory of the reciters the lacuna was filled up in prose.

Immortal Code, Rule 5329: Death shall not knowingly claim a soul not on the list, he recited silently.

In 1816 he established a society, consisting only of Hindus, in which texts from the Vedas were recited and theistic hymns chanted.

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He computed the answer in his head and recited the thirty-nine-digit answer in pounds.

It had been too long since he recited them; five summers had passed since he was freed from the underground.

In answer to my question she recited a part of the poem called 'Freaks of the Frost,' and she referred to a little piece about winter, in one of the school readers.

The poet subsequently told Mr Edmund Gosse that his father would not let him leave Somersby till, on successive days, he had recited from memory the whole of the odes of Horace.

At Moffat he met John Home, the author of Douglas, for whom he recited some Gaelic verses from memory.

Some who were writers were driven to publish by the occasion; and after the orders of government, which were occasionally published to be obeyed, occasional poems, such as the poems of Solon, the odes of Pindar and the plays of the dramatists, which all had a political significance, were probably the first writings to be published or, rather, recited and acted, from written copies.

He recited a meticulous inventory of everything in the bedroom quarters, including the page number of a book his wife was reading as she remained in bed.