Sentence Examples with the word Receiving

Now both are encouraged, and the men, receiving their full rations, are unsurpassable in endurance at work and in marching.

Regular river navigation begins only at Abrantes, a few miles below which the Tagus is greatly widened by receiving on its right bank the impetuous Zezere from the Serra da Estrella.

The apparatus consists of a sending battery B, a reversing transmitting key K, a slide of small resistance 5, three condensers C1, C2, C3, an artificial cable AC, the receiving instruments I and G, and one or more resistances R for adjusting the leakage current.

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But there was little chance that any change in the rubric, even in the improbable event of its receiving the sanction of parliament, would produce any appreciable effect.

Meanwhile, the Hauran, the old seat of the Shehab family and Hermon Druses, had been steadily receiving a Druse influx, since the day of Ain Dara (see above).

But the matter to the right of A is also receiving momentum from the matter to the left of it at the rate indicated by the force across A.

Insurrections occurred frequently, the insurgents receiving secret aid from sympathizers in China, and the difficulties of the Japanese being increased not only by their ignorance of the country, which abounds in fastnesses where bandits can find almost inaccessible refuge, but also by the unwillingness of experienced officials to abandon their home posts for the purpose of taking service in the new territory.

At the receiving end of the circuit a shaft is coupled to the motor; this is provided with gearing which rotates four combining commutators and four type-wheels, which print the letters on the band of paper.

Both type-wheels are then set to zero by the lever provided for that purpose, and released by the current from the letter-blank key; then all subsequent signals will be recorded similarly at the sending and receiving ends..

Among the dialecticians, Socrates had used inductive arguments to obtain definitions as data of deductive arguments against his opponents, and Plato had insisted on the processes of ascending to and descending from an unconditional principle by the power of giving and receiving argument.