Sentence Examples with the word Recanted

There, after six days' disputing with Alcuin, he again recanted his heresy.

In the earlier stages of Lollardy, when the court and the clergy managed to bring Lollards before ecclesiastical tribunals backed by the civil power, the accused generally recanted and showed no disposition to endure martyrdom for their opinions.

But he survived these troubles - it is a malicious invention that he recanted during the persecution - and lived a few years longer in active intercourse with his friends.

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In 1341 the dispute came before a synod held at Constantinople and presided over by the emperor Andronicus; the assembly, influenced by the veneration in which the writings of the pseudoDionysius were held in the Eastern Church, overawed Barlaam, who recanted and returned to Calabria, afterwards becoming bishop of Hierace in the Latin communion.