Sentence Examples with the word Realizing

According to the other alternative, however, he suggested that at least organic bodies are compound or corporeal substances, which are not phenomena; but something realizing or rather substantializing phenomena, and not mere aggregates of monads, but something substantial beyond their monads, because an organic body, though composed of monads, has a real unity (unio realis).

At the time, Gabriel had laughed at Fate's manipulative story, not realizing that Fate's alleged lie held more truth than not.

He breathed deeply, not realizing how musty the underground world was until he breathed fresh air.

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She paused, realizing he was looking for a deeper meaning.

He pulled his phone free, realizing neither Toni nor Darian had checked in for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile Mahmud, realizing the impossibility of crushing the Greek revolt unaided, had bent his pride to ask the help of Mehemet Ali, who was to receive as his reward Crete, the Morea and the pashaliks of Syria and Damascus.

She brought both hands to her face, realizing the diamond was theirs and then fell into his arms.

For Denisov, too, the memories awakened by the name of Bolkonski belonged to a distant, romantic past, when after supper and after Natasha's singing he had proposed to a little girl of fifteen without realizing what he was doing.

That poetry in its most elevated form aimed at being the organ of the new empire and of realizing the national ideals of life and character under its auspices; and in carrying out this aim it sought to recall the great memories of the past.

He flipped to the next page as he emerged near the palace, agitated at realizing he'd get no privacy, not with the hundreds of assassins loitering.