Sentence Examples with the word Reached

I felt the intermittent jarring that came now and then, as if something heavy had fallen and the shock had traveled up till it reached the limb I sat on.

Nain Singh reached Lhasa in the course of two remarkable journeys.

The beds are reached by sinking through the clays and variegated marls typical of this formation.

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She jumped when the door dinged finally as she reached the garage.

Everything had been admirably thought out as is usual in dispositions, and as is always the case, not a single column reached its place at the appointed time.

Tennyson had reached the limits of the threescore years and ten, and it was tacitly taken for granted that he would now retire into dignified repose.

The territory is reached by a light-draft river steamer which ascends the Rio Negro to Fort Roca at the confluence of the Limay and Neuquen, and by a branch of the Great Southern railway from Bahia Blanca to the same point.

On the other hand three-fourths of the lowland towns reached their maximum since that date, and half of them since 1880.

The exportation in I902 only reached about 45 million gallons (and even that is double the average), while an equally abundant vintage in France and Spain rendered the exportation of the balance of 1907 impossible, and fiscal regulations rendered the distillation of the superfluous amount difficult.

When, therefore, the latter, on the 22nd, marched southward to reopen his communications by the defeat of the enemy's army, always the surest means of solving this difficulty, he actually reached the neighbourhood of Eckmuhl with a sufficient numerical superiority had he only been prompt enough to seize his opportunity.