Sentence Examples with the word Raymond

By his vast expenditure, ascribable not only to his wars in Italy, his incessant embassies, and the necessity of defending himself in the Comtat Venaissin against the incursions of the adventurous Raymond of Turenne, but also to his luxurious tastes and princely habits, as well as by his persistent refusal to refer the question of the schism to a council, he incurred general reproach.

A passionate fighting-man (he fought twenty-nine battles against Christian or Moor), he was'married to Urraca, widow of Raymond of Burgundy, a very dissolute and passionate woman.

At the council of Clermont in 1095 he showed great zeal for the crusade, and having been named apostolic legate by the pope, he accompanied Raymond IV., count of Toulouse, to the east.

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In 1591, three years after the defeat of the Armada, Raymond and Lancaster rounded the Cape, and after cruising off Penang, decided to winter in Achin.

He joined the county of Toulouse to his appanage of Poitou and Auvergne, on the death, in September 124 9, of Raymond VII., whose daughter Jeanne he had married in 1237.

RAIMON or RAYMOND LULL (or LULLY), Raimon, (c. 1235-1315) Catalan author, mystic and missionary, was born at Palma (Majorca).

This version of Peter's career seems as old as the Chanson des chetifs, a poem which Raymond of Antioch caused to be composed in honour of the Hermit and his followers, soon after 1130.

See Henry Girard, Raymond Poincare (1913); Raymond Poincare, a sketch (1914); Larousse Mensuel, No.

In 1246 he married Beatrice, daughter and heiress of Raymond Berenger V., the last count of Provence, and after defeating James I.

He permitted free study of the Aristotelian writings, and issued (1234), through his chaplain, Raymond of Pennaforte, an important new compilation of decretals which he prescribed in the bull Rex pacificus should be the standard text-book in canon law at the universities of Bologna and Paris.