Sentence Examples with the word Ramsden

One of these is the Ramsden eyepiece (fig.

In the Ramsden eyepiece (see Microscope) the focal lengths of the two piano-convex lenses are equal, and their convexities are turned towards one another.

He died in 1780, and among other progeny left two famous sons, Woodpecker (1773), whose dam was Miss Ramsden (1760) by Cade, son of the Godolphin Barb, but descended also on the dam's side from the Darley Arabian and the Byerly Turk, and Highflyer (1774), whose dam was Rachel (1763) by Blank, son of the Godolphin Barb from a daughter of Regulus, also son of the Godolphin.

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At this period we find, among a mass of horses and mares in the Stud-Book without any dates against their names, many animals of note with the earliest chronology extant, from Grey Ramsden (1704) and Bay Bolton (1705) down to a mare who exercised a most important influence on the English blood-horse.

Jesse Ramsden (1735-1800) in 1768 constructed his well-known form of plate electrical machine (fig.

Quekett in his Treatise on the Microscope ascribes to Ramsden the practical introduction of the spider web in micrometers.

The Cavendish dock adjoining the Ramsden dock on the E., 146 ac. in extent, has been leased by the Furness Railway Cp. to the firm of Vickers Ltd.