Sentence Examples with the word Ramiro

Bermudo II., 982999 Son of Ordoflo III.,was supported The Gouty against his cousin Ramiro III.

He di vided his various dominions Navarre to Garcia, Castile to I Fernando,Sobrarbeto Gonzalo, and Aragon to Ramiro San chez, a natural son.

Of Aragon (1162-1196) was the son of Raymond Berenger, count of Barcelona, and of Petronilla, niece of Alphonso the Battler, and daughter of Ramiro surnamed the Monk.

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He resigned the crown to his brother Ramiro and went into a religious house.

Historic kingdom of Aragon Ramiro Sanchez1035-1067Natural son of Sancho ci Mayor of Navarre, who on the death of his legitimate brother Gon zalo, annexed Sobrarbe.

Navarre was left by Sancho to another son, Garcia, while the small Christian states of the central Pyrenees, Aragon and Sobrarbe with the Ribagorza went to his other sons, Ramiro Sanchez and Gonzalo.