Sentence Examples with the word Rallied

A conflict of interest and of bias led to contradictory action, and this conflict was increased in his case by his father's residence in England, his own upbringing at the English court, his family feud with Baliol and the Comyns, and the jealousy common to his class of Wallace, the mere knight, who had rallied the commons against the invader and taught the nobles what was required in a leader of the people.

But the bulk of the Conservative party rallied under the lead of Lord Stanley (afterwards Derby) in the House of Lords, and gradually subthitted to, rather than accepted, the lead of Disraeli in the House of Commons.

An immense victory was gained, entirely due to Jon Sigurosson, whose high personal qualities had rallied all the nation round him.

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When, however, the emperor Constantius sent to Rome an anti-pope in the person of Felix II., Damasus, with the other clergy, rallied to his cause.

Saladin rallied his men, and, when the Christians began to retire with their booty, let loose his light horse upon them.

Highlanders had never before been known to combine together, but Montrose knew that most of the clans detested Argyll, and the clans rallied to his summons.

As however Trumbic rallied the Yugoslav delegation to refuse the Franco-British project, Clemenceau the very next day introduced the important modification that Fiume should be an independent state under the League.

Although unarmed, the people rallied to him as one man, and Lanza became so alarmed that he asked for an unconditional extension of the armistice, which Garibaldi granted.

That is why they rallied round him, as one to inspire them with that kind of certainty.

In 1648, after the royalist defeat at Winwick by Cromwell, part of the royal forces under General Baillie rallied at Warrington, hoping to effect the passage of the bridge, but failed, and the general with 4000 men capitulated.