Sentence Examples with the word Raison

These shrimps as well as a large species of crabmokuzo-ganiserve the people as an article of food, but the small crabs which live in holes have no recognized raison d tre.

If this dream or prejudice be exploded, then the scepticism originating in it - and a large proportion of recent sceptical thought does so originate - loses its raison d'etre.

Quinn asked over oatmeal and raison toast on Saturday morning.

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In Islam proper they have no raison d'etre; the legends about Adam and Eve on Arafa, about Abraham's sacrifice of the ram at Thabii by Mina, imitated in the sacrifices of the pilgrimage, are clumsy afterthoughts, as appears from their variations and only partial acceptance.

La religion chretienne veut que nous le croyons ainsi, et la raison naturelle nous persuade entierement cette verite; car si nous considerons la toute puissance de Dieu, nous devons juger que tout ce qu'il a fait a eu des le commencement toute la perfection qu'il devoit avoir.

Cessors and its successors, the Arsacid dominion was peculiarly a chance formationa state which had come into existence through fortuitous external circumstances, and had no firm foundation within itself, or any intrinsic raison dtre.

He indulged in a great deal of speculation as to the existence of an extra-spatial unit, which was to furnish the raison d'etre of the numerical part, and render the quaternion homogeneous as well as linear.

His De l'elevation de la foy et de l'abaissement de la raison en la crdance des mysteres de la religion (1641) gave him early a high place as a metaphysician.