Sentence Examples with the word Raged

In Queensland, where the earliest factory legislation dates from 1896, keen parliamentary conflict raged round the pro posal in 1907 to introduce the special boards system for fixing wages.

The conflagration of 1671, already mentioned, raged for fifteen days, and only the church, a part of the palace, and two towers escaped uninjured.

The technical terms round which such bitter controversies raged in the 4th and 5th centuries are often found in Origen lying peacefully side by side.

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From this time forward the history of Bikanir was mainly that of the wars with Jodhpur, which raged intermittently throughout the 18th century.

The greatest mortality was caused by virulent malarial fever, which raged during the autumn months of 'coo and the early months of 1901.

As it was, a struggle raged between Roger and Manuel during the whole progress of the Crusade, which greatly contributed towards its failure, preventing, as it did, any assistance from the Eastern empire.

The battles inside and outside the walls raged throughout the night, quieting only at dawn, when sunlight illuminated the destruction.

Battles raged atop the walls, on the narrow stairways, at the base of the walls.

The decrees were put into execution by Pope John XXII., and a persecution raged in which, though the pope expressly protected the female Beguine communities of the Netherlands, there was little discrimination between the orthodox and unorthodox Beguines.

Fire still raged at one end of the orchard, filling the air above the trees with black smoke.