Sentence Examples with the word Rafael

The former, the old city, lying close to the harbour front, has streets as narrow as is consistent with wheel traffic. Obispo (Pi y Margall in the new republican nomenclature), O'Reilly and San Rafael are the finest retail business streets, and the Prado and the Cerro the handsomest residential streets in the city proper.

These men, of whom the most conspicuous was Colonel Rafael Riego (gD.), worked on the discontent of the soldiers, and in January 1820 brought about a mutiny at Cadiz, which became a revolution.

Don Rafael Altamira has published an Historia de Espana y de la civilizacin espaola (2 vols., Barcelona, 1900-1902), in which he sums up the results of later research.

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In 1904 the troubled term of President Marroquin came to an end, and by the narrowest of majorities General Rafael Reyes was elected in his place.

See also Rafael Contreras, La Alhambra, El Alcdzar, y la gran Mezquita de Occidente (Madrid, 1885); The Alhambra, by Washington Irving, was written in 1832, and rewritten in 1857, when it had already become widely celebrated for its picturesque and humorous descriptions.

In April 1880 Senor Rafael Nunez acceded to the presidency.

The Otuquis, the most southern of the group, is formed by the San Rafael and Tucabaca, which drain both slopes of the Cerro Cochii range; but is lost in some great marshes 50 m.

His solution, which is sometimes erroneously ascribed to Rafael Bombelli, was published in the Ars Magna.

The city has a Carnegie library, a Federal building, an opera house, an amusement park, and the San Rafael hospital, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.

In Guatemala the Clerical, Conservative or antiFederal party was supreme; after a protracted struggle it overthrew the Liberals or Federalists, and declared the country an independent republic, with Rafael Carrera (1814-1865) as president.