Sentence Examples with the word Radcliffe

Since receiving my certificate of admission to Radcliffe last July, I have been studying with a private tutor, Horace, Aeschylus, French, German, Rhetoric, English History, English Literature and Criticism, and English composition.

I took my preliminary examinations for Radcliffe from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July in 1897.

In the fall Miss Keller entered Radcliffe College.

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On the 29th and 30th of June, 1899, I took my examinations for Radcliffe College.

This achievement was anticipated or outdone by an unknown calculator, whose manuscript was seen in the Radcliffe library, Oxford, by Baron von Zach towards the end of the century, and contained the ratio correct to 152 places.

Ray Lankester obtained the Radcliffe Travelling Fellowship at Oxford in 1870, and became a fellow and lecturer at Exeter College in 1872.

Mead was the pupil of the equally popular and successful John Radcliffe (1650-1714), who had acquired from Sydenham a contempt for book-learning, and belonged to no school in medicine but the school of common sense.

He successfully observed the total solar eclipse of the 8th of August 1896 at Novaya Zemlya, and purposed a voyage to India for the eclipse of 1898, but died suddenly at the Radcliffe Observatory on the 9th of May 1897.

The courses at Radcliffe are elective, only certain courses in English are prescribed.

Three years later he was appointed an assistant in the meteorological department of the Radcliffe observatory, Oxford, and in 1855 he obtained a chemical post at Chester.