Sentence Examples with the word RT

Bezae and in Syr C; (2) the Alexandrine text used by Cyril of Alexandria and found especially in CL 33; and (3) a text which differs from both the above mentioned and is therefore called by WH the Neutral text, found especially in rt B and the quotations of Origen.

Mvvia and Mvaia rt Ev Eupdnrp, to distinguish it from Mysia in Asia), in ancient geography, a district inhabited by a Thracian people, bounded on the S.

The most prominent leader of the junta rt cr was its secretary Mariano Moreno 1 3' M (7 - 8 7 181I), who with a number of other active supporters of the patriot cause succeeded in raising a considerable force of Buenos Aireans to maintain, arms in hand, their nationalist and anti-Spanish doctrines.

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The casemates in the gorge, partially cut of rt off from the terreplein by a couple of deep sunk yards Arthur.