Sentence Examples with the word ROADSTEAD

Of the other harbours, Porto Empedocle and Licata share with Catania most of the sulphur export trade, and the other ports of note are Marsala, Trapani, Syracuse (which shares with the roadstead of Mazzarelli the asphalt export trade).

Coast of Asia Minor, in the Trebizond vilayet, and the port - an exposed roadstead - of Kara-Hissar Sharki, with which it is connected by a carriage road.

To overcome the difficulty of landing from the roadstead a breakwater was built at the mouth of the Baakens River in 1856, but it had to be removed in 1869, as it caused a serious accumulation of sand.

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At one time the Bu Ragrag afforded a much better harbour than it does now; the roadstead is quite unprotected, and there is a dangerous bar at the mouth of the river, which hampers the shipping, and makes the growth of trade slow.

Before the opening of the Smyrna-Aidin railway its roadstead was frequented by vessels trading with the Anatolian coast, and it has often been proposed to connect it with the railway system by a branch line, and thus enable it to compete with Smyrna.

At Meshed i Sar, the port, or roadstead of Barfurush, the steamers of the Caucasus and Mercury Company call weekly, and a brisk shipping trade is carried on between it and other Caspian ports.

Deep. There are separate basins for warships and merchant ships, and in the roadstead at the mouth of the canal is ample room for shipping.

The principal port on the western shore, Listvinichnoe, near the outflow of the Angara, is an open roadstead at the foot of steep mountains.

In 1894 a harbour, constructed by a French company, was opened, but the insecurity of the outer roadstead militates against its success.

The anchorage in the roadstead is good, but the bay shoals for a long way out, and is exposed to swell from south-west and south.