Sentence Examples with the word RESTRAINT

Very early in his reign, Honoria, grand-daughter of the emperor Theodosius II., being subjected to severe restraint on account of an amorous intrigue with one of the chamberlains of the palace, sent her ring to the king of the Huns and called on him to be her husband and her deliverer.

Gregory sought to protect the monks from episcopal oppression by issuing privilegia, or charters in restraint of abuses, in accordance with which the jurisdiction of the bishops over the monasteries was confined to spiritual matters, all illegal aggressions being strictly prohibited.

After a few days they grew accustomed to him, and without restraint in his presence pursued their usual way of life, in which he took his part.

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Madame de Vaux's letters speak well for her good sense and good feeling, and it would have been better for Comte's later work if she had survived to exert a wholesome restraint on his exaltation.

Again in 1820 Aurore exchanged the restraint of a convent for freedom, being recalled to Nohant by Mme de Francueil, who had no intention of letting her granddaughter grow up a devote.

There was no sign of mayhem in the vehicle although a restraint was bolted to the rear floor.

If one especial peculiarity can be singled out, it is the extreme restraint and simplicity of the verbal treatment.

The king was war chief, priest and god in one, and the shocking licence at the death of a king was probably due to the feeling that all law or restraint was annulled by the death of the king - incarnate law.

Czerno has no restraint when it comes to collateral damage.

That wise and necessary restraint did not more often give way to oppression and violence is amazing in a country where the frontier had but recently disappeared.