Sentence Examples with the word RESCUE

Christ takes Andrew and his disciples with Him, and effects the rescue of Matthew.

Daily the beans saw me come to their rescue armed with a hoe, and thin the ranks of their enemies, filling up the trenches with weedy dead.

The Ouray Rescue Squad held an annual fund raising breakfast each Fourth of July, enabling the Deans to share an early meal of eggs, sausage, and fixings in the company of friends and neighbors.

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The demons are planning something, Kris, and hoping someone comes to your rescue is stupid, he returned.

His eyes settled on her with a look that made her wonder why she hadn't just sat where she entered the world and waited for Darian to rescue her.

The king made various attempts to induce Pitt to come to his rescue by forming a ministry, but without success, and at last had recourse to the marquis of Rockingham, on whose agreeing to accept office Grenville was dismissed July 1765.

A strong man, Captain Grey, was at last sent over from Australia to restore peace and rescue the unhappy colony from bankruptcy and despair.

He helped me rescue you from Czerno.

Still refused to grant; he therefore essayed diplomacy, not arms. Nevertheless, to forestall the rescue of the pope by Austrian troops, he sent, in August 1849, an army corps under Oudinot to Civita Vecchia.

Maybe Pete and the guys had reached Ashley by now and a rescue mission was already under way to get them.