Sentence Examples with the word REPORTER

Contrast her excellent reporting to the passive reporter who found out very little about the company.

That damned reporter is supposed to interview me at 3:00.

The only office he held was that of reporter of the supreme court of Indiana for two terms (1860-1862 and 1864-1868), and this was strictly in the line of his profession.

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Bennet, Select Biographical Sketches from Note-books of a Law Reporter (1867); E.

He was appointed reporter of the commission charged with the preparation of the law, and his masterly report at once marked him out as one of the coming leaders.

Ms. Segal was the reporter who was giving Leland Anderson and the department such a hard time over the missing Wassermann twins.

In 1909 there were eleven daily newspapers, as follows: Evening Wisconsin (1847; Republican), Free Press (1901; Independent Republican), Journal (1882; Independent Democrat), News (1886; Independent), and Sentinel (18 37; Republican), the oldest paper in continuous publication, Daily Commercial Letter (Commercial), Reporter (legal and commercial), Dziennik Milwaucki (Polish), Kuryer Polski (1888; Republican; Polish); Germania Abendpost (1872; Independent; German); and Der Herold (1854; Independent; German).

For a few months he worked as a legal reporter for the Cincinnati Times (owned by his brother C. P. Taft), and then for the Cincinnati Commercial.

The reporter was curious to discover how it would all tie up, but it didn't.

This was Speranski, Secretary of State, reporter to the Emperor and his companion at Erfurt, where he had more than once met and talked with Napoleon.