Sentence Examples with the word RELATIONS

Dulong to investigate relations (if any) existing between specific heats and the atomic weight.

He left everything to his omnipotent minister, Count Heinrich Briihl, and Briihl entrusted the government of Poland to the Czartoryscy, who had intimate relations of long standing with the court of Dresden.

About the close relations of Hephaestus with fire there can be no doubt.

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In March 1785 commissioners from Virginia and Maryland met here to discuss the commercial relations of the two states, finishing their business at Mount Vernon on the 28th with an agreement for freedom of trade and freedom of navigation of the Potomac. The Maryland legislature in ratifying this agreement on the 22nd of November proposed a conference between representatives from all the states to consider the adoption of definite commercial regulations.

After a short campaign a peace was concluded and Ivan's daughter was given in marriage to the Lithuanian grandprince, but the matrimonial alliance did not improve the relations between the two countries.

The old form of government, the old the work territorial divisions, the old fiscal system, the old of the judicature, the old army and navy, the old relations National of Church and State, the old law relating to property Assembly.

His personal relations with Goethe again and again became embittered.

As a botanical term, ecology denotes that branch of botany which comprises the study of the relations of the individual plant, or the species, or the plant community with the habitat.

In March 1784 he entered into relations with a certain Jeanne de St Remy de Valois, a descendant of a bastard of Henry II., who after many adventures had married a soi-disant comte de Lamotte, and lived on a small pension which the king granted her.

The most objectionable parts of the whole Koran are those which treat of Mahomet's relations with women.