Sentence Examples with the word REGULAR CLERGY

Distrusting the secular clergy, who were wholly sunk in the world, he looked to the regular clergy for support, he church.

He found their religion at a low ebb, the regular clergy apathetic and sensual, the bishop little obeyed, the laity divided by the family feuds of their rulers, unchaste and ignorant.

There were thus disestablished in seven or eight years 2075 houses of the regular clergy occupied by 3I,649persons;andtheconfiscated property yielded a revenue of 398,298.

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Besides the regular clergy there are the members of the numerous monastic and conventual houses established in Belgium.

Proceeding to Christiansand in 1804, Hauge set up a printingpress to disseminate his views more widely, but was almost immediately arrested for holding illegal religious meetings, and for insulting the regular clergy in his books, all of which were confiscated; he was also heavily fined.

The more advanced Filipinos desired the fulfilment of the decrees of the Council of Trent whereby the incumbencies in Christianized towns and villages should be held by regular clergy and not by friars.