Sentence Examples with the word REGULA

Thus we find Paciolus calling it l'Arte Magiore; ditta dal vulgo la Regula de la Cosa over Alghebra e Almucabala.

Genocchi believes Leonardo to have been in possession of a certain method called regula aurea by H.

In ecclesiastical Latin nonnus was used by the younger members of a religious community for their elders, and so, in the regula of St Benedict, cap. 62, Juniores autem Priores suos nonnos vocant quod intelligitur paterna reverentia (Du Cange, Glossarium, s.v.

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This is the principle that all interpretation of Scripture must be according to the Regula fidei - that all interpretation which makes Scripture contradict or' offend the traditions of the Church is wrong.

Columban's Regula Coenobitalis cum Poenitentiali is to be found in the Codex Regularum (Paris, 1638).

On the other hand, in dealing with the problem of bringing his heterodox system into conformity with the regula fidei he evinced a high degree of technical skill.

Where any part of the country appears to be threatened with or is affected by any formidable epidemic, endemic or infectious disease, the Local Government Board may make regula tions for the speedy interment of the dead, house-tohouse visitation, the provision of medical aid and accommodation, the promotion of cleansing, ventilation and disinfection, and the guarding against the spread of disease.

This creed formulates its relation to Scripture over and over, as the one regula by which all dogmata are to be tried.

The Englishman Henry Holden (see above), the Frenchman Veronius (Francois Veron, S.J., 1575-1649) in his Regle generale de la foy catholique (1652), the German Philipp Neri Chrismann,' in his Regula fidei catholicae et collectio dogmatism credendorum (1792),2 all work at this task.

The Latin MS., Regula Anachoritarum sive de vita solitaria (Magdalen College, Oxford, No.