Sentence Examples with the word REGIUS PROFESSOR

In 1548 Vermigli was appointed regius professor of divinity at Oxford, in succession to the notorious Dr Richard Smith, and was incorporated D.D.

The position of the author as regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford and canon of Christ Church in succession to Pusey, and his wellestablished reputation as a profound Hebrew scholar, commanded wide attention; the qualities of the book itself - its marked sobriety, its careful discrimination between the differing degrees of probability attaching to various conclusions and suggestions, and in general its soundness of method - rapidly extended the understanding of what Old Testament criticism is and commanded acceptance of the well-established conclusions.

Vansittart's brother, Robert Vansittart (1728-1789), who was educated at Winchester and at Trinity College, Oxford, was regius professor of civil law at Oxford from 1757 until his death on the 31st of January 1789.

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Having become senior moderator in mathematics and a fellow of Trinity, he took holy orders, and was appointed regius professor of divinity in Dublin University in 1866, a position which he retained until 1888, when he was chosen provost of Trinity College.

On the recommendation of Laud he was appointed one of the royal chaplains in 1631, and was a favourite preacher with the king, who made him regius professor of divinity at Oxford in 1642.

In 1645 he was appointed master of Clare Hall and the same year was elected Regius professor of Hebrew.

In 1771 he was appointed regius professor of divinity, but did not entirely renounce the study of chemistry.

Subsequently he was appointed successively superintendent of the mineral waters of Languedoc (1721), first physician to the king of Poland (1729), and regius professor of medicine at Paris (1731).

An attempt was made to add nine articles of a strong Calvinistic tone, which were drawn up by Dr Whitaker, regius professor of divinity at Cambridge, and submitted to Archbishop Whitgift.

On the death of his adversary Freeman in 1892, he was appointed, on the recommendation of Lord Salisbury, to succeed him as regius professor of modern history at Oxford.