Sentence Examples with the word RECONSTITUTION

In June 1920, when the Giolitti Government was formed with the programme of a reconstitution of the Italian State and of radical reforms, Croce (who had been a senator of the Kingdom of Italy since 1920) was asked to accept the office of Minister of Public Instruction.

On the 2nd of August the emperor Francis Joseph proposed to King William, during a meeting The Frat Gastein, to lay before an assembly of the German stentag princes a scheme for the reconstitution of the Bund.

Fairbairn); in 1905 Cheshunt College, founded by the countess of Huntingdon, was transferred to Cambridge, to enjoy university teaching; whilst the creation of the university of Wales, the reconstitution of London University, and the creation of Manchester University, led, between 1900 and 1905, to the affiliation to them of one or more of the other colleges.

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Xxvi.; Grdgoire and Wygaerts, La Reconstitution do noyau et Ia formation des chromosomes daos las cinses somatiques, i.

But the comparative study of religions has suggested the lines of reconstitution and the careful analysis of survivals embedded in literature and the evidence of monumental remains, and in particular of the old calendars, has enabled modern scholars to make good progress in the task of separating the elements due to different periods and influences.

He now effected a coalition with Antonius and Lepidus, and on the 27th of November 43 B.C. the three were formally appointed a triumvirate for the reconstitution of the commonwealth for five years.

In 1534 Duke Ulrich called him to Wurttemberg in aid of the reformation there, as well as for the reconstitution of the university of Tubingen, which he carried out in concert with Ambrosius Blarer of Constanz.

The state is one of the five Uriya feudatories, which were transferred from the Central Provinces to Bengal, on the reconstitution of that province in October 1905.