Sentence Examples with the word Römer

Of the ten city gates the most interesting are the Porte d'Allemagne, or Deutsche Tor, on the east, a castellated structure erected in 1445 and still bearing traces of the siege by Charles V.; the Porte Serpenoise, or Romer Tor, on the south, and the Porte Frangaise, or Franzosische Tor, on the west.

The epicycloid was so named by Ole Romer in 1674, who also demonstrated that cog-wheels having epicycloidal teeth revolved with minimum friction (see Mechanics: Applied); this was also proved by Girard Desargues, Philippe de la Hire and Charles Stephen Louis Camus.

Wissowa, Religion and Kultus der Romer (1902), p. 148 foil.; Archiv fiir Religionswissenschaft (1904, p. 42 foil.) and W.

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Wissowa, Religion and Kultus der Romer (1902), according to whom Spes was originally not a garden goddess, but simply the divinity to whom one prayed for the fulfilment of one's desires.

Maraldi, Jean Picard, Huygens, Olaus Romer and Nicolas de Lacaille.

The Romer museum of antiquities and natural history is housed in the former church of St Martin; the buildings of Trinity hospital, partly dating from the 14th century, are now a factory; and the Wedekindhaus (1598) is now a savingsbank.

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