Sentence Examples with the word Ränke

Thompson for the Camden Society (2 vols., London, 1878); Laurence Eachard, History of England (3 vols., London, 1707-1718); and the Histories of England by Lingard, Von Ranke and Macaulay.

At the Berlin Library Ranke found a collection of MS. records, chiefly Italian, dealing with the period of the Reformation; from a study of them he found how different were the real events as disclosed in contemporary documents from the history as recorded by most writers; and the result of his researches was embodied in his second work, Fiirsten and Volker von Siideuropa im 16 and 17 Jahrhundert (1827).

It is at this period that Ranke believes Maximilian to have entertained the idea of a universal monarchy; but whatever hopes he may have had were shattered by the death of his son Philip and the rupture of the treaty of Blois.

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For the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographic. Ranke married, at Windermere, in 1843, Miss Clara Graves, daughter of an Irish barrister.

KARL PETER WILHELM MAURENBRECHER (1838-1892), German historian, was born at Bonn on the 21st of December, 1838, and studied in Berlin and Munich under Ranke and Von Sybel, being especially influenced by the latter historian.

As a critic of independent views he won the approval of Goethe; on the other hand, he fell into violent controversy with Ranke about questions connected with Italian history.

For a time Ranke was now engaged in an occupation of a different nature, for he was appointed editor of a periodical in which Friedrich Perthes designed to defend the Prussian government against the democratic press.

LEOPOLD VON RANKE (1795-1886), German historian, was born on the 10th or the 21st of December 1795, in the small town of Wiehe, in Thuringia, which then formed part of the electorate of Saxony.

This memorable book, together with the rival and apologetic history by' Cardinal Pallavicini, is minutely criticized by Ranke (History of the Popes, appendix No.

The influence of Ranke early diverted him from his original purpose of studying law, and while still a student he began that series of researches in German medieval history which was to be his life's work.