Sentence Examples with the word Quoted

The stamp distributor was driven out, and the arguments of Daniel Dulany (1721-1797), the ablest lawyer in the province, against the act were quoted by speakers in parliament for its repeal.

I.; and Bede, De Temporum Ratione, 13, quoted in Skeat, Etym.

Modern speculations (mainly corollaries of Indo-Germanic theory) add little of value to the Greek accounts quoted above.

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Frazer regards religion (see his definition quoted below) as superposed on an antecedent stage of magic. In The Tree of Life (1905), Mr E.

While still a child he could declaim most of the Iliad in Greek without a book, and read and quoted Tacitus with enthusiasm.

Much that he wrote is quoted in Tabrizi's commentary on the Hamasa, which is still richer in extracts from the historical elucidations of early poems given by ar-Riyashi (d.

They were published in shorter form with the omission of the names of authorities and of most of the poems cited; some passages quoted by later writers are not found even in the aeiden edition.

Boerhaave attached great importance to the study of the medical classics, but rather treated them historically than quoted them as canonical authorities.

The definition just quoted might include all animals belonging to the groups of the Arthropoda and Annelida, and U.

De Beccaria,Crimes and Punishments; also works quoted under Criminology; Capital Punishment; Prison; and articles on e.g.