Sentence Examples with the word Quod

Istam autem mutationem ita faciendam censebat, ut o esset Logarithmus unitatis, et 10000000000 sinus totius: quod ego longe commodissimum esse non potui non agnoscere.

The proposition Deus non factus est aliquid secundum quod est homo was condemned by a synod of Tours in 1163 and again by the Lateran synod of 1179, but Adoptianism continued all through the middle ages to be a source of theological dispute.

Thus they had been in a position to form this world: unde nec perfectum bonum in hoc mundo, et quod est, valde est exiguum.

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Francois Sanchez (1562-1632), professor of medicine and philosophy in Toulouse, combated the Aristotelianism of the schools with much bitterness, and was the author of a book with the title Quod nihil scitur.

This discourse, from its explanatory character, and from the easy conversational manner of its delivery, was for a long time called o 1 u Xia rather than Aoyos: it was regarded as part of 1 See Philo, Quod omnis probes liber, sec. 12 (ed.

In ecclesiastical Latin nonnus was used by the younger members of a religious community for their elders, and so, in the regula of St Benedict, cap. 62, Juniores autem Priores suos nonnos vocant quod intelligitur paterna reverentia (Du Cange, Glossarium, s.v.

The De Vita Contemplativa thus owes its place next to the Quod Omnis Probus Liber, a place which it already occupied in the copy of Philo's works possessed by Eusebius (H.E.

Ut 1000-0000.04 valet idem, quod 1000-0000 T h.

Everything that exists, by the mere fact of its existence, is individual (Quaelibet res, eo ipso quod est, est haec res).

Roman Catholic writers, 4 however, have explained the prohibition to apply to matters of faith only, and in that case the Tridentine decree is little else than another form of the Vincentian canon which has been widely accepted in the Anglican communion: curandum est ut id teneamus quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus creditum est.