Sentence Examples with the word Quinque

He also cites, apparently with approval, the view of those who held Porphyry's treatise to be not de quinque rebus, but de quinque vocibus.

Another specimen of his wit is furnished by the following epigram of the five reasons for drinking: Si bene quid memini, causae sunt quinque bibendi; Hospitis adventus, praesens sitis atque futura, Ant vini bonitas, aut quaelibet altera causa.

Ideas identical with the modern ones were expressed by John Mayow in his Tractatus quinque medico-physici (1674), but his death in 1679 undoubtedly accounts for the neglect of his suggestions by his contemporaries.

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Friedberg has succeeded in giving a much abridged edition of the Quinque compilationes (Leipzig, 1882).

Raymond does not attempt any original work; to the texts already included in the Quinque compilationes, he adds only nine decretals of Innocent III.

His small work De exceptionibus was probably written before he became pope; but the Apparatus in quinque libros decretalium, which displays both practical sense and a remarkable mastery of the available materials, was written at Lyons immediately after the council.