Sentence Examples with the word Quinn

And, to Martha's disdain, Quinn was drinking more than a social amount of alcohol.

But Howie's abilities were wholly dependent on Quinn and his apparatus.

Betsy lined up two likely abductions and she was anxious to get started, Quinn had already performed his part, setting his apparatus appropriately for a rural Iowa location where a twelve year old boy had gone missing.

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We were picked up by Martha and arrived just as Quinn and who'd ferried Howie pulled in behind us.

Even Quinn seemed to have forgotten his desire to go public in the tension of our impromptu to act.

Howie was seated at the table while Quinn and Martha performed kitchen duty with eggs and bacon.

After she managed to calm herself she added, If Quinn didn't realize the magnitude of what we've done and can do, I think he'd buy Howie a ticket out of here.

It displayed Quinn and Martha's number.

All pertained to the earlier tests Howie and Quinn had undertaken together while Betsy and I were still in New York.

I felt if Quinn learned that fact he would want to scrub the entire operation.