Sentence Examples with the word Quieter

He fell in behind them, taking advantage of the quieter air in their wake and kept pace with them.

She waited until she reached a quieter side street before dialing her boyfriend.

Princess Mary seemed even quieter and more diffident than usual.

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It was not necessary to entertain so freely as when the count had been Marshal, and life at Otradnoe was quieter than in former years, but still the enormous house and its lodges were full of people and more than twenty sat down to table every day.

They entered a quieter wing, and Jenn stopped to knock on a closed door.

Dean introduced Fred O'Connor, who was taking it all in, and the three chatted in a quieter area at the far end of the hall, away from the worst of the mayhem.

High, fill the lakes and dot the quieter reaches of the river beds.

From Lake Ontario the St Lawrence emerges through the meshes of the Thousand Islands, where it crosses Archaean rocks, after which follow several rapids separated by quieter stretches before Montreal is reached at the head of ocean navigation.

It was quieter than a graveyard when they pushed their way in.

We were quieter than usual as we drove to our destination.