Sentence Examples with the word Questioned

He was examined by the council on the 13th of February and frequently questioned during the following days, but refused to incriminate himself, and a threat to inflict torture had no effect upon his resolution.

As soon as Jake Weller left, Cynthia questioned her husband about the candidate filing papers Weller handed him.

He received Nicholas brusquely (imagining this to be characteristically military) and questioned him with an important air, as if considering the general progress of affairs and approving and disapproving with full right to do so.

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Nay, it may be questioned how far it is either psychologically or logically possible to turn general scepticism into a coherent doctrine.

Her father had been the final authority, but never had she questioned her mother's authority.

Dean questioned the rare break between characters and the near absence of punctuation.

It may be questioned whether O'Connell was not rather led than a leader in this; the movement, at least, passed beyond his control, and the country for many months was terrorized by scenes of appalling crime and bloodshed.

When Dean questioned her, she told of receiving a phone call concerning that same property some weeks earlier.

She questioned how the investigation was proceeding and her pointed questions forced him to admit he was the prime suspect.

No one in her family ever questioned her innocence.