Sentence Examples with the word Quartier

His southern vehemence gave him great influence among the students of the Quartier Latin, and he was soon known as an inveterate enemy of the imperial government.

In October 1838 Louis was sent with a friend to the metropolis, to a school in the Quartier Latin, preparatory to the Ecole normale.

At the age of ten he was sent to the grammar school of the Quartier St Antoine, the Lycee Charlemagne.

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Beyond the Bab-el-Bahar (sea-gate), now called Porte de France, on the level ground by the Bahira, is the marine town, or Quartier Franc, built since the French occupation in 1881.

In the case of the expressions bien or mal lune, well or ill mooned, avoir un quartier de lune dans la tete, to have the quarter of the moon in one's head, the German mondsiichtig and the English moonstruck or lunatic, the fundamental idea lies in the strange opinions formerly held about the moon.